Flip Life is a movement like no other in UK music. While starting as a rap group under the name ‘Flip Tha Skript’, the mantra F.L.I.P was formed as an acronym for ‘F**k Living In Pain’. This later became ‘F**k Living In Poverty’ amongst other things.

The group became a notorious force in UK Hip-Hop with multiple releases from it’s members and collaborations on each others projects. Members over the years have included Novar FLIP (Supar Novar), Big Ben, Ragz Sweet Jones, Wordmiff FLIP (Wordsmith), Yaeo, Danny Bones, Genesis Elijah, Terra Slim, Show N Prove, MCD and many more.

In recent years founding members Novar FLIP and Big Ben have developed the ethos of F.L.I.P and Flip Life into a flourishing media company and platform for music, debate and politics.

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